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If you use Tekla®*, Strucad®*, AutoCAD®* or ANY drawing or modelling tool,
PTM is the time recording and document control software for you.

As an independent Drawing Office, it's essential for you to fully utilise your time producing models and drawings, and tracking the time spent on Contract and Variation work both for you and for your Client.

PRO TIME MANAGER instantly replaces the laborious manual task of recording your staff's time with a simple to use, accurate, cost efficient system.

  • IDEAL for single users right up to multi-office companies.
  • BENEFIT from instant analysis of all your time.
  • PROPERLY STRUCTURED for your Drawing Office with Projects, Phases and Variations.
  • PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATION of information to your Clients - quickly and easily.
  • SET TIME ESTIMATES against any work section and track your progress.
  • SPEED UP your invoicing

Ideal for In-House Drawing Offices.

Your Drawing Office is there to keep your contracts moving and to produce drawings and manufacturing information for your shopfloor.
Introducing PRO TIME MANAGER into your Drawing Office provides you and your company with a powerful management tool to keep a valuable record of time and costs spent on your Contracts, along with real time progress statistics at your fingertips.

  • Provides up to the minute Management and Executive reports on Projects, Phases and Variations
  • Presents your timesheets in an easy-to-read, consistent format
  • Provides essential substantiation of time spent against Contract Variations
  • Optionally builds up associated document history

Time Management

Fully Featured

  • Time and Document management software designed specifically for the Construction Industry
  • Eliminate time consuming manual timesheets
  • Simplifies recording Main Contract and Variation time and costs
  • Centralise important documents to simplify distibution to your clients, no more lost documents
  • Instant detailed time and cost breakdowns with all the related documents and reports
  • Dashboard views and professionally presented reports for your Clients - timesheets, analysis and information
  • All your data is private and secured by SSL encryption verified by GeoTrust

Easy to Use

Designed from the ground up for the Construction Industry, Pro Time Manager is a fully integrated, completely user-friendly software suite to make recording your time fast and effortless.
You and your company will benefit from the rich, detailed information it provides and for the ease with which you can assemble timesheets, reports, supporting documentation packages to accompany your contracts variations and information for your own use and for presentation to your Clients . . .

Your users will embrace it because it's easy to use and relieves the burden of filling in timesheets manually week after week . . .


Time Management

Simple, Accurate Reporting

  • Rapid, flexible reporting on users, projects, phases and/or variations
  • Powerful analysis tools for future budget planning
  • Integrated file export options - PDF, Microsoft Excel, CSV and more
  • Actual useful reports giving you the power to instantly see where your time, costs and resources are going - and take steps to make rapid improvements if they're needed.